Thursday, July 10, 2014

If You Had To Tattoo Something, What Would It Be?

People fear getting a tattoo because it's something you get stuck with until the end of times.  
I thought i should ask people that because it might be interesting to know what some people think is worthy enough to last a lifetime.

Here are some responses: 

  • -Two wings 
  • -A Lion's face
  • -Cross necklace
  • -Leaf
  • -Ace of spades
  • -Cross
  • -My Dad's wedding ring
  • -Patterns for a sleeve tattoo
  • -Her 'ILoveYou' sound waves
  • -'Mom'
  • -"What If I Changed?"
  • -"Coca Cola" 
  • -My initials in Japanese
  • -"Daddy the day you left this earth a part of me left with you"
  • -"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengths Me"
  • -"Life is not a wish granting factory". 
  • -"Mother Above All"
  • -An anchor on the back of my neck 
  • -"Forever is only the beginning"
  • -"قدر"
  • -"Forget it enough to get over it, Remember it enough so it doesn't happen again". 
  • -My Family's initials 
  • -"Forever faith in Jesus" 
  • -Something i wont regret 
  • -"You're beautiful"-- In French 
  • -I don't ever have to get a tattoo.
  • -هلال 
  • -"Pack Light"
  • -Live with passion" on my wrist 
  • -"I Forgive You" and a band-aid 
  • -"Pain demands to be felt"
  • -"smile"
  • -" Do it with passion or not at all"
  • -" So it goes"
  • -"Monsters are real"
  • -"We're all mad here"
  • -A chain on my wrist 
  • -"ضع الخلق للخالق" 
  • -"Im so mean i make medicine sick"
  • -"Belle" on the back of my neck. 
  • -" لم تهزأ بجرح لم تذقه"
  • -Amat Victoria Curam
  • My girlfriend's initials in Japanese

Tell me in the comments what would you tattoo if you had to :)

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