Friday, July 4, 2014

My Favorite Thing About Ramadan Is ..

Here Are Some Responses: 

-Family Gatherings 
-Ramadan Decorations
-Ramadan Spirit 
-Cooking Iftar For the poor
-Cozy Atmosphere 
-Random people giving others water for iftar. 
-People actually bond 
-Getting closer to Allah. 
-Some gyms are open 24hrs 
-Deroos Deen. 
-I dont go to the gym without feeling guilty cause 'Its Ramadan' 
-last 10 days
-Buying new abayas
-Wearing the new abayas
-Praying outside the mosque because there are way too many people inside
-packing ramadan packages 
-Spending some time with my Dad.
-Konafa bel manga 
-Konafa bel manga 
-Konafa bel manga 
-Everyone having sohour at 3am in the streets. 
-Spending more time with myself.
-Reading Quraan
-Getting out of my room for a change. 
-Not hearing as much curse words. 
-Praying AlFajr with all the family
-Ramez ... 
-going to khan el khalili
-having a fridge full of food.. leftovers. 
-its the only time when its totally appropriate for a girl to be out at 2am 
-more people smile 
-balah el sham 
-its the only time when its 100% valid to have soup before eating.

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