Monday, September 8, 2014

Graduation Day.

People have always talked to me about this day telling me that its the best thing ill ever have to go through in my life so far,by all means.. it was!
There was everyone in my class marching to there chair on the stage, we were looking at each other wondering how those three years pass by so freaking fast.
   We sang three songs:

  • The Best Day Of My Life. 
  • وبحتجلك وتحتجلي
  • Time Of Our Lives

The three songs made my eyes tear up and gave me goosebumps, and if Mariam Mazhar and Hussein Khattab are reading this.. this was one hell of a graduation speech. You made me laugh, cry, feel the love that i have for everyone on and off that stage and you made my heart ache for those days that are not coming back.

Those three years were by far the best three years of my life. I have loved every single one in my class like i've known them since forever.
Do you ever get a time when you feel like you love even the people you havent talked to at all?
Yeah that basically sums up my entire senior year!
I have laughed, cried, yelled, ate, drank, slept, had the time of my life with those people and i can never thank them enough.
This school has given me so much more than just knowledge, it has taught me how to be tough, how to stand up for myself and most importantly how to grow and im so thankful for that.
I know that i have made many mistakes and that i have collected some regrets over those three years but if i ever had the chance to go back i wouldnt change a thing because as cliche as it sounds; i am thankful for this little infinity that has given me so much to remember.
So my advice, if you're still in highschool; enjoy those days till the very end because you will be crying while remembering every small detail about them when you're up on that stage in this seat on your graduation day.

If you already graduated highschool; well , i dont have much to say to that except, try and hold on to those memories without letting them stop you from still savoring the rest of your life. Anytime can be your time if you just decide that it will. I know that i've still got some time ahead of me to take care of all the accomplishments i still have on my plate and hopefully i'll start getting them done right now!

My real life starts right now and yours starts whenever you decide, so go do that, not because you should, but because you'd love to!

Thank you for reading this.
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