Monday, September 8, 2014

My Summer!

I know i haven't been posting very often, but i promise you i've got a good excuse.
okay, so its not very good. Lucky me, this was a verrryyyy busy summer. I have been trying to get everything that is university-related done and i like to think that i have successfully got this done.
I also went to Europe which was extremely fun and exciting. I traveled with my whole family to Rome and from there we took a huge ship 'Costa Favolosa' to a couple of cities; Savona, Palma De Mallorca, Barcelona, Ibiza, Palermo and then we stopped in Rome Italy and stayed there for three days.
The cruise was the best experience ever. People were so friendly and nice. Everything was just so refreshing.
if anyone from Costa's reading this .. All the love in the world goes out to you for giving me the best summer ever.
After i got back from Europe i went to Sahel for a couple of days, that was fun too.
I spent most of it with my bestfriends just chilling around.
They were the most relaxing couple of days in summer so that was a good thing.
It was time to get back because of my graduation which was absolutely the best day of my life so far and i will hopefully have a post written just for that.
Two days after, i had to go to my university ( AUC ) for the FYE ( first year experience) which was awesome too. Thank you for all the peer leaders who helped us along the way.
And yesterday was officially my first day at university, i must say, i was panicking the whole time,but it was fun too, i mean it was a completely new experience for me.
I miss school so much but im just excited to know what comes along.
I'm gonna try to write a post about the first week too to let any of you who are absolutely afraid of that new stage know how it feels like.
Good Luck to everyone out there..

Feel free to comment or send me emails telling me about your summer.
I'd love to hear all about that!
And btw, you'll be hearing from me a lot more often because summer's over and we're all down to business.
you can always check my instagram too (farahemara) to see everything i talked about here but in pictures.
my email's : -- feel free to send me anything anytime, ill read it!!

Love Love Love,
Farah Emara

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