Monday, June 16, 2014

Don't let summer go by so fast!

Summer vacation is here, for most people, and i know we're all very scared that summer will go by so fast and we're gonna look back and find out we did absolutely nothing this summer, i know i am. 
Soo, i decided to put a little list; not a to-do list kind of things cause people never stick to that. Those are just very simple things you should try doing that will make your summer worth looking back on. 

Summer List:
-Take atleast 200 pictures, 
-Sleepover at your bestfriend's. 
-Read a book. 
-Go to the beach. 
-Travel, even if its for the weekend. 
-try a new food. 
-Make a new friend
-Make amends with an old friend.
-spend a day doing absolutely nothing and dont feel guilty about it.
-Listen to as much top 40 pop songs as humanely possible. 
-Buy a minimum of three new summer clothing items. 
-Go to the movies at least like, four times. 
-Learn a new recipe. 
-Try a new ice-cream flavor.
-Clean out your closet 
-Spend time with your parents. 
-Get a new haircut. 
-Have a picnic. 
-Tell your closest people how much they mean to you. (They dont always know)
-Have a BBQ 
-Start a collection. 
-Have a movie marathon. 
-Try to document all the things you did on that list and make a scrapbook, or don't. 
Just don't let this summer go by like any other summer. 
Promise yourself to laugh more and appreciate every second of it. 

Have A Great Summer! 
Love Love Love