Friday, June 13, 2014

First things first..

Okay so, let's get the first things out of the way. 
Do you have those days when ideas are jumping up and down your mind the whole day and when you actually want to write them down they all disappear? Yeah, that's what's happening to me right now!
Anywaysss, as you can see, I've finally made my own blog, and if you're a little smart you can see that this is my first post. So I just want to let you know what'll be up on that page.
Ofcourse, I'll be posting about my outfits and all the details very often. However, that's not the only thing, I'll also be posting random and weird stuff that I think about or do. I'll be asking people random people stuff and will certainly let you know the answers; hopefully that'll be interesting. I'll also be giving out some fashion and beauty related advice. Umm.. And I'm gonna be reviewing things.
You should just check it out often because there are going to be lots of fun stuff.
Anndddd, I'll also be making a lot of grammar mistakes, so if you don't notice; all the love out there for you. If you do notice, just go along with it.. Let me die without knowing.
So, if you'll be checking out this blog you're either super bored and have absolutely nothing to do ORRR you actually like the shit I post.
Either ways, I hope this can be fun, genuine and very entertaining to everyone out there.

Have a good day.. All the love !

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