Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's The Best Thing That Anyone Has Ever Done For You?

I went out and asked a bunch of people this question thinking it would be very easy for them to pick out just one incident that really made them happy,one really nice thing that someone did for them; no matter how small or simple.Surprisingly, everyone's first answer was "I cant think of anything!"I have to admit, i was a little disappointed.. I know we tend to forget all the awesome stuff we receive from people, but i still think its extremely important to step back every once in a while and think about that. 

Here are some answers i got :
 One : I was going out one day with all my friends and there was this guy I've been having a crush on for like what feels forever. We were really close but he never told me how he felt then. His Mom showed up outside the place we were in to give him something and out of all people, he called me out to introduce me to her. That was the best feeling i have ever remember feeling.

 Two: So, it was last valentine's day when my husband promised to take me somewhere really special for the day. i found him taking me to the airport where we took the first plane to Paris. We spent the day there and got back right when it was over.

 Three: My Best friend got me a mini smurfs key chain; the ones you get with a McDonald's happy meal. 
That was the day we started a collection of them. 

Four: The day my dad took me to go pick up my favorite dog. That was the best thing i remember. 

Five: On my last birthday i was so pissed because all my best friends told me they were going to be busy doing other stuff. I returned home only to find them there with a surprise that they were sleeping over. Best. Girls. Ever. 

Six: I always go to the gym with my bestfriend, except for this day when i was really sick so i called to let her know i was taking the day off. She called me after a while and told me to open my front door. I found her there with my favorite Starbucks coffee with a note that says Get Well Soon. 

Seven: My Bestfriend got me a small frame that was a penguin's face wearing a graduation cap when she returned from the US. She told me to put our picture of us together when we graduate in it.
 Eight: The girl I've been in love with for the past three years got me a trophy that says 'For The Best You In The World'. She is the best of me. 

Nine: Aguero scored the winner in the dying minutes to win the English premier league on my 14th 2012. I'll remember that day till the end of times. 

Ten: My Boyfriend got me this box from Hallmark which looked like a toy. It was a box full of all my favorite chocolates. I looked closer, found a Tiffany&Co. box. I was soooo excited, i opened it, only to find a note that says 'I Love You'. He apologized for not getting the actual jewelry because it was a late order and many things went wrong. It was really enough all what he did. 30 minutes later he stood up and started looking for something in his pockets, he got out a Tiffany necklace just like the one i adored but lost some while ago. 

Eleven: I've been working in that place for only one week. It was my birthday and i was heading to my office like any other ordinary day, only to find a huge surprise; everyone in the office had baked some stuff and even brought some food from home, lots of balloons were beside my desk and they sang happy birthday in the happiest tone possible. I didn't even know they knew my birth date. 

Twelve: I was with an English friend of mine during Christmas on the outskirts of Manchester. It was about -11 degrees and everything was freezing. My friend's car stopped, and something happened to the key too so the engine wasn't working. We called some help but the only help we could find was willing to come only after two hours because it was night time and everything has closed. My friend isn't exactly the biggest fan of Egyptians. I started reading the car's manual looking for any solutions for about twenty minutes, and for those twenty minutes i was reading and my friend was letting me down and telling me that i wouldn't find anything that would help. By the end of the twenty minutes, i had gathered a decent amount of knowledge about a fuse that can start the engine, and it did.. My English friend got said some words to me that day about how much he actually thought an Egyptian like me, is so freaking brilliant. I will never forget those words. 

Thirteen: My best friend skipped my birthday because he has a very important match with his team that he had to show up to. Next day he brings me my favorite flowers ever and gives them to me halfway through English class, with everyone just sitting there thinking it was all cute. Actually that was pretty sweet.

Fourteen: My old teacher just called to tell me that she really wanted to see me before she migrates. I dont even know how she got my number.I havent seen her in four years :')  

That's it, I hoped you enjoyed reading all those very heart warming things just like i really hope you start appreciating everything that everyone does for you. And if you're one of those people who think that stuff is bullshit, try expressing your love and gratitude in other ways. Just please, try making people's life more of a blessing. 
Have A Good Night, Love Love Love    

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