Monday, June 16, 2014

Even a simple Tee

 Hope its a beautiful day for all of you out there. 
So, SMEJ sent me this very simple tee and scarf for me to wear. 
Those two items are like the simplest thing to wear, ever.. but im not really into less is more and that shit. With that being said, i decided to make it a little interesting. 
I put in some effort to try and style them in two different ways. 

One: Still simple everyday look.
white pants: from forever 21
denim jacket on top: H&M

Two: A Little Bit More 
long maxi forever 21 skirt
over a short denim jacket with leather sleeves from Wax Jeans.
Heels: Rue 21 
Clutch: Michael Kors 

I used the same camel high heels from Rue 21 on both looks. 

Feel free to let me know what you think of both of them and which you think suits you best! 
Love Love 


  1. Both styles are astonishing yet the first one suits me more, since I don't wear skirts at all.
    I think the second one is for night outings

    1. Yupp, good thing you found something that suits your style.
      thats what i was aiming for ;)

  2. Hi Farah . this is Nada Diaa "stylista0fashionista" on instagram .
    i like this outfit and will use it in my article for Afrikan mbiu .

    check out my blog and we can follow each other


  3. wow! i have a feeling i'm gonna love this blog!!! i love your fasion sense btw :)